//CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

CBD has been rapidly gaining a reputation among the masses of people interested in improving their health and wellness. This is because of its reported effectiveness in the treatment of a wide variety of medical ailments. Everything from pain and inflammation, to seizures, anxiety and sleep challenges. If these medical conditions in humans can be effectively treated with CBD, could they also be effectively treated in dogs?

The short answer is yes, with many studies backing this up. While CBD oil dosage for dogs is not down to an exact science, we’ve provided general recommendations in the chart below. We encourage starting on the lower dosage (twice per day), then mid-dose, and finally increasing the dosage to the “High” level after 2-4 weeks if your dog is still showing symptoms.

CBD Oil Dosing Chart for Dogs

Over the last year or so, many people who are interested in their pets’ quality of life have started to consider CBD as an option. In fact, these pet owners have been the major force behind the creation of an entirely new market segment for CBD. Pet-specific CBD products are widely available and include CBD-infused treats and oils. Given the short time-frame of CBD products for pets, it is understandable that some people might have questions about the most appropriate or effective CBD dosage.

Research into the most effective pet-specific CBD dosage is being evaluated in the scientific community, with institutions like the American Kennel Association working hard to obtain more information. At this time, though, no generally agreed upon standards have been developed. However, a 2018 clinical study from Cornell University looking into the treatment of osteo-arthritis pain using the CBD oil dosages of 2mg/kg and 8mg/kg, twice a day for four weeks, per dog, during its research. They found that the lower dose was successful enough to increase the comfort and activity of the dogs, with no reported adverse side effects.

The Cornell study based its CBD dose on how much each dog weighed. This makes sense; people are often prescribed medications in doses that will be most effective based on their weight also. Whether a dog owner should exceed the twice daily CBD dose of 2mg/ kg should be considered in a meeting with their veterinarian. Your Vet might have relevant information about your individual dog’s overall health and the ailment for which CBD is requested.

Can Dogs Overdose on CBD?

When contemplating the most beneficial CBD regimen, many owners may wonder if it is possible for their dog to overdose on CBD. Fortunately, one of the most appealing features of CBD – for both humans and their animal counterparts – is that “CBD” and “overdose” are two words rarely used together. It is a generally accepted fact that CBD taken in large quantities will not cause an “overdose” for which any sort of medical treatment would be required because any excess CBD in the system is simply excreted through sweat, saliva, or urine. However, pet owners must pay attention to the fact that it is possible for CBD products to contain THC. Any amount of THC is not advised for dogs, given its intoxicating and psychoactive effects. So, the question of overdosing – on THC – becomes one of choosing a reputable product. 

CBD may be sourced from cannabis, which contains THC, or from hemp plants, which contain less than 0.03% THC. CBD may be extracted and processed out of cannabis but depending on the effectiveness of the extraction and processing methods, it is possible that some THC may continue to be present in the CBD. CBD sourced from hemp is far less likely to contain any THC. Products made with CBD isolate are the purest form of CBD, most of which are 99% pure – an option dog owners might prefer – when being vigilant in ensuring that their beloved pets are not ingesting any THC.

Will your dog get high from CBD oil?

While it’s tough to know exactly how a dog experiences a THC high, they get plenty of negative effects from consuming just a little bit of THC. These effects generally consist of nausea and dizziness. It is important for dog lovers to make inquiries into any CBD product they are considering and understand exactly what it is they are giving their dogs. Any doubts about the CBD or THC content can be resolved by locating the product’s testing results, which, ideally, should be prominently displayed on the label or the company’s website.

CBD Oil Dropper

Once a pet owner has determined the appropriate dose for their fur baby, based on how much the animal weighs, the next step would be to understand the amount of CBD contained in each product serving size. For example, CBD oil may come in a 30ml bottle, with 250mg of CBD. A simple calculation reveals that each milliliter of the CBD oil contains 8.3 mg of CBD. The same calculation can be applied to CBD dog treats.

With advice from a veterinarian and a reliable and trustworthy pet-specific CBD product manufacturer, adding CBD to a pet’s health and wellness program can be a wise choice. The right information will guarantee that placing the CBD into a routine may lead to an improved quality of life for the furry companions that make life so worthwhile!